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Welcome to California Gaming RP

California Gaming Roleplay was created on 12 October 2013. On the day we first opened we had a lot of friendly players join our server and had an active player base. We have a custom script with some never before seen stuff on any other server which makes us unique. We would like to share this amazing gaming experience with everyone else so they can enjoy it as well. I will list just some of the amazing features you will find in our server below. California Gaming Roleplay is a medium roleplay server. We do encourage everyone to roleplay to higher standards and just to the best of their abilities. Everyone is welcome in California Gaming Roleplay, even if you’re new to roleplaying in general. We have many helpers, teachers, moderators and administrators in a game who are dedicated to helping you learn!

Anyways! We’re proud to present to you,  California Gaming Roleplay! A server where everyone is welcome! A server where we listen to our players! A server where everyone is treated equally!

Server Management,
California Gaming.

Rey & Cherry!

Los Santos Fire Department – Hiring

Los SantosAngeles Fire Deartment is now looking for medics and firefighters So head to the Los Santos Fire Department section on forum and give yourself a try!

Los Santos Police Deartment – Hiring

Los Santos Police Deartment is now Looking for officers , So head to the Los Santos Police Department section on forum and give yourself a try!